Learn More About Gel Nail Kits

All you need to know about Gel nail kits

gelnailkitswithlamp11 Learn More About Gel Nail KitsWhen one desires to have artistic and amazingly designed nails instantly and cheaply, then gel nail kits come out as the best option. The kits are specially featured and structured to give a plain coat of gel while at the same time making the nail surface fit for application of various arts and patterns. With these, you can thus embroider your nails to fit any occasion and occurrence. You will thus be free on whether to make it a clean design or otherwise go for the elaborate style depending on your taste and preference.


The good thing is that you can do your nails right in your house without visiting a salon by using the gel nail kits for home, which are exhaustively designed to help you achieve your beauty mark cheaply. One unique thing about the gel kits is; they enable your nails to harden and retain their setting for long, unlike the conventional types out there in the market. Using the gel nail kits at home helps keep your nail’s color fresh and does not fade with time. This together with the fact that your nails will become non-porous comes from the fact that there are those gel nail kits with lamps. If you dry the nails with the modern LED gel light, the nails will be able to sustain the polishing for more time when compared to the acrylic types in the market.

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Gelish Basix Kit

gelish 300x223 Learn More About Gel Nail KitsThe Gelish Basix Kit a perfect pack of the necessary products required to properly apply Gelish from start to finish! The box has easy to follow guides on the back with additional instructional DVD. If you’re into DIY beauty, you should really get it.




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Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit With UV Lamp

gelnailpolishkit1 300x174 Learn More About Gel Nail KitsThis kit includes all you need to help you create beautiful gel nails. It contain UV lamp, top and base coat, whole and one color of your choice.

It is very easy to use gel nails will last up to 21 days!



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IBD Professional Gel Kit

gelkit 300x224 Learn More About Gel Nail KitsThis kit contains easy to follow instructions on the most up to date gel application techniques. With this professional IBD Gel Kit you can design beautiful looking gel nails at home!



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 No Light Gel Nail Kits

For those people who do not have enough time to use the gel nail kits with lamp to set up their gel nails, then there can always be the option to settle on the “no light gel nail kits”. The advantage of the no light gel nail compared to their counterparts is that they are more tolerable to scratches, cracks and pressure. More to it is that no light gel nails are thicker and seem to fit more naturally and realistically with the others. As such with the no light gel nail kits one can quickly and effectively color the nails for a long lasting period of time.


For beginners, it will be cheap to find starter kits, which come with additional digital media and tutorials on how to use the enhancement. However, for the professionals or individuals with enough experience on the gel nail kits; there are numerous options in the market for which one can pick on. One excellent pick for the professionals is the “art design kits” since they allow you to express yourself exhaustively with your fingernail patterns.


It is very crucial that you make a conscious choice when shopping for the gel nail kits for home. This means that you should be smart enough to ensure that the gel nails kit you buy is exactly what you require for your gel nails at home. Also, make a choice as you whether you desire gel nail kits with lamp or otherwise the no light gel nail kits. From the outset, it is indeed very evident that the gel nail kits are far much better when used as compared to the acrylic options out there in the market due to the numerous functionality and also because they help you to save on your money that you could have otherwise taken to the salon.

LED Nail Lamp For Home Use

Find Best LED Nail Lamp for DIY manicure

lednaillamp LED Nail Lamp For Home UseOne technique that has totally revolutionized the world of nail fashion is the gel nails. There are many gel nail kits available in the market. These kits help you to create beautiful nails that last long. Gel nails are the latest rage in the fashion world. To create gel nails, you need LED nail lamps along with any standard gel nail kit. Some professional kits come with a lamp. There are many DIY gel kits available in the market that let you do a beautiful gel manicure at home.

The world of beauty has traveled leaps and bounds as far as nail fashion is concerned. Nail fashion is no longer limited to applying a nail paint to go with your outfit. There are many new techniques, and nail fashions that have taken the business of nail beauty to a whole new level. Women spend a lot of money, and go to best of salons to get a manicure done, but the manicure in no time gets chipped off, or gets cracked. The whole effort of getting done a manicure goes down the drain.


Red Carpet Manicure Light Pro 45

ledgellamp LED Nail Lamp For Home Use






This LED light is made in USA and it only use 6 Watt of power. With this beautiful light your manicure can lasts up to 3-4 weeks.

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Nova LED Nail Light

novalednaillamp LED Nail Lamp For Home Use








If you’re into nail manicure, then you probably already know a lot about this awesome NOVA LED Light. It is 2-3 faster then other LED lights on the market! It has from 10 to 30 build in timer and much more. What more can I say – you will love it!

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An LED gel lamp is an essential requirement to create gel nails. A gel manicure involves applying a coat of gel paint on to the nails, and then this paint is cured using an LED lamp. This ensures that the paint dries nicely, and the nail surface gets a smooth finish. The gel nails are long lasting. Your nails remain beautiful and lustrous for as long as two to three weeks. There are many kinds of lamps, which can be used to cure gel nails, but those are considered to be the best option because of several reasons.

Firstly, this lights are much more durable than any other lamps. So, the higher price that you pay for this lamp is compensated by the long life. An LED gel lamp can serve you for as long as five years. Secondly, LED nail lamp cures the gel nails much faster than any other lamp like a UV  lights. Thirdly,  unlike its UV counterparts, does not pose any health hazards. It does not produce any heat, so there is no risk of skin damage because of prolonged exposure. Last but not least; they are fully environment friendly. For beautiful nails that last long, a small investment on an LED gel lamp is worthwhile.

Gel Nails At Home

Reasons to Root for Gel Nails at home

IMG 07131 300x223 Gel Nails At Home For women, good hygiene also includes well-maintained nails in general. This is why; for years, they have been very much hooked with getting their nails done regularly. The manicure and pedicure industry have been extremely alive because different nail trends do not seem to stop parading over time. Two of these nail trends, which have caught the attention of many women are the gel nails and acrylics. Both fall under the category of “fancy nails” or “fake nails”. In this article, the edge of gel nails vs. acrylic nails will be discussed. You will also know why gel nails at home or gel nails done at salons are considered better for you with some of its honest drawbacks.


Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails: The Clash

Both nail trends have been around for many years now. Acrylic nails, being the most popular among two, have kept the interest of many women until now. The main reason for this is its convenience, to apply and remove. You can find countless parlor, salons and beauty centres which offer this kind of service (acrylic nail application) because it doesn’t really require the expertise of a person to do so. It also doesn’t make use of expensive machines in the course of application, and that’s why; it is generally cheaper than gel nails. However, the major weakness of this is the pungent smell it emits while being applied or removed. This is because acrylic nails are made with strong-smelling chemicals (monomer & polymer), which some women even find it harder to tolerate. Some acrylic nails, when applied in a rush, tend to become so artificial-looking and ugly.

Gel nails, on the other hand, are more natural-looking because it is more pliable than its acrylic counterpart. Once applied, it doesn’t even need a second coating of nail polish on it, so it will look smooth and glossy. It looks great even if there are no additional nail tips extended over the nail. Since it is soft and flexible once dry, it does not bring damage to women who have very soft nail beds. One of the biggest advantages of gel nails vs. acrylic nails is its absence of pungent smell. Since it has no harsh chemicals in it, you are safe from the possibility of having minor allergic reactions against it. The nail gels also take only a short time to dry off completely. This means having no worries of creating unnecessary nail polish splotches on your nails.

Shany Cosmetics Gel Polish

gelnailsathome Gel Nails At Home


This kit has 24 beautiful different glitter colors

They can be cured under UV nail lamps

For all who want DIY manicure, this kit is really fantastic




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Shany Cosmetics – Cosmopolitian

gelnailpolish Gel Nails At Home


Anther 24 high quality nail polish set for home use

This polish covers great with even one coat, but two coats are recommended.

Beautiful color set, you will love it!


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Gel Nails at Home and Gel Nails at Salon

Nail polish manufacturers have been really innovative for the last decade. Many nail polish brands have created a line of gel nails to market around the world. OPI gel nails, for example, has been a trusted brand of gel nails among many nail salons and parlous. Gel nail services are normally rare to find among small-time salons. They are usually found downtown. Why is this so? Gel nails require an intricate process of application and removal. It also requires the assistance of trained and skilled nail technicians.  There are two types of gel nails. One is dried with the help of a low-wattage UV machine. The other one is through the help of a sprayed or brushed-on gel activator. Although getting gel nail done at home is rather difficult, it is possible. Since a UV machine is very inconvenient to drag during home services, the sprayed-on gel activator is very convenient for nail experts when they are doing nail gels at home for their respective customers.


The Drawbacks of Gel Nails

As much as this type of nails sounds enticing to have, you should also be informed of its minor disadvantages. Gel nails are more costly to have than the acrylic nails because they require the service of a UV machine, expensive gel activators and of course, nail experts. These factors are the reasons why it is much expensive to boot. Unlike acrylics, which can be removed easily by just soaking the nails into nail polish removers, removing nail gels can be trickier because they are not easily taken off unless filed altogether.

Choosing gel nails over acrylic nails has its own advantages and disadvantages, and in the end, it is totally up to you to decide. Gel nails are definitely costly over the acrylic ones, but they are also more natural and sophisticated-looking.



Gel Nail Kits For Home Reviews

All about gel nail kits for home you need to know

gelnailkitswithlamp 233x300 Gel Nail Kits For Home ReviewsOver the last few years, gel nail kits for home have become a favorite with many women. These are an artificial type of gel nails, which are a perfect match for a natural nail. They are similar to acrylic nails, in that both are produced using a combination of polymer powder and monomer liquid. A reaction occurs between this liquid and power, and strands of polymer are formed. When these strands dry, they produce a hard resin which looks just like a natural fingernail. However, although gel and acrylic nails are similar in this respect, gel tends to be more flexible, due to the addition of oligomers, which are short-chain monomers. This flexibility tends to offer a more natural appearance than acrylic and also makes the gel nail less prone to breakage.


Gel nails last for much longer than false nails which can be bought in a store, however getting them done every few weeks in a salon can be costly and time-consuming. The glossy finish, and long-lasting chip free color of gel nails would entice anyone, but if you’re on a tight budget or are stuck for time, frequent salon trips just aren’t realistic. If this is the case, gel nail kits for home use are just the solution. These kits allow you to create beautiful, high-shine colored nails without spending too much of your precious time and money stuck in a salon. Gel nail kits offer the same benefits as those done at a salon, at a fraction of the cost.



opiaxium 300x229 Gel Nail Kits For Home ReviewsThis kit contain everything you need to design beautiful nails at home! You will need  additional UV nail lamp, which is really required.

Opi kit: Moon over Mumbai, Bubble Bath, Passion, Strawberry, Margarita, Hawaiian Orchid, Princesses Rule, Gel Base, Gel Sealer.




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 Premium MASH 100 PC Nail Art Nail art 3d Manicure Design Sticks

nailart 300x300 Gel Nail Kits For Home ReviewsBeautiful set of 3d nail art sticks! I suggest to use razor blade to smoothly cut rod into slim slices. Than easily employ nail glue or your top coat to add to nails. Design your nails with some fun decorations like fruits, butterflies, flowers, etc.




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Red Carpet Gel Polish Kit With Portable LED Nail Lamp

redcarpetwithlamp Gel Nail Kits For Home ReviewsWith this Kit you will get all you require for a professional gel nail manicure in the comfort of your home. Great quality, great price!



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Gel Nail Kits With Lamp

One of the best things about gel nail kits is that you can change up your colors at the drop of hat. Forget about booking an appointment at a salon, making your way there and sitting through a long session; with an at home gel nail kit, you’ve got everything you need to create salon-perfect nails from the comfort of your own house. Most reputable companies will offer gel nail kits which include everything you need to get started. These kits come with accessories such as primary and secondary gel colors, soak er, practice tips and brushes. Some kits also come with an instructional DVD and a UV lamp.


If the kit comes with no-light gels, then you will usually get an activating chemical to set the gel instead of a lamp. The UV light and activating chemical are used for sealing the gel so that it stays in place and doesn’t chip, no matter how much work you are doing with your hands. Those who in the past have tried conventional nail polish and become frustrated with the constant chipping when they are using their hands will love gel nail kits, as these offer incredibly long-lasting results which hardly ever chip. In terms of colors, gel nail polishes offer plenty of variety, and the quality of the color tends to be much better than a standard nail polish; it is more pigmented, and the finish is smooth and glossy for weeks on end.

New Gel Nail Polish At Home

Gel nail polish at home

One of the things that women everywhere want is a great manicure. The only problem is that not everyone has long enough or ‘perfect enough’ nails. This is where gel nail polish comes in handy! While most people would go to a professional to have gel nails applied, you really don’t have to. Anyone can use gel nail polish at home, by simply using the OPI gel nail polish or a different brand of the sort. One of the questions that is often asked, is what is gel nails? This is a manicure method in which fingernails are trimmed and tapered, then painted with a gel to make them extra glossy and more “French manicure” like. If the woman doesn’t have long nails, then plain false nails are applied with nail glue, and the manicure is done on those to make them look real.


The next question is who uses gel nails? The answer is simple. Everyone! It may sound silly for men to have this kind of cosmetic improvement to their nails, but even they like to have neatly tapered nails in case of an important business meeting. However, it is mostly women who take advantage of these. Of course, not just any women—primarily women who often find them selves biting their nails and those who need to have beautiful nails for a special occasion, such as prom or a wedding.


30 Piece Color Nail Lacquer With Display Rack  Combo Set + 6 Sets Of Scented Nail Polish Remover

gelpolish30 New Gel Nail Polish At HomeThis Incredible Kit contain 20 Nail Art Brush + 10 Nail Art Pens + Display Rack. Include 6 set of Scented Nail Polish Remover. Each 0.26 oz. LIMITED TIME OFFER ONLY!




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Katy Perry And Black Shatter 5pc set

katyperry123 300x172 New Gel Nail Polish At HomeThis beautiful Katy Perry kit include:  OPI Nail Lacquer “TEENAGE DREAM“, OPI Nail Lacquer “NOT LIKE THE MOVIES”, OPI Nail Lacquer “THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY”, OPI Nail Lacquer “BLACK SHATTER”, OPI Nail Lacquer “LAST FRIDAY NIGHT”.




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OPI Drip Dry

opigel 149x300 New Gel Nail Polish At HomeThis amazing Pro-wide gives an ideal streak free finish to every nail style. This one is Nail salon quality and lasts longer than any other competition products!







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Gel Nail Polish benefits

There are many benefits to having gel nail polish. The biggest one is pure presentation value. If you go to a job interview for a great job and you show up with dirty, bitten or chewed up nails, you probably aren’t going to get it just because you appear to bite your nails a lot. This means you get nervous a lot and might not be able to handle yourself doing day to day activities. However, if you go in with a manicured set of nails, you give off the impression that you are neat, tidy and even confident.


Aside from being a benefit, this is also a huge advantage. If you are trying to make a first impression, gel nail polish on your nails  could be what gives you the leading edge in a competition such as a job. Think about going on a date with someone you’ve been crushing on for a long time. In order to look for your best, you need to think of every aspect of your appearance including your nails. Even if you don’t have the money, you can as mentioned earlier do it yourself. Simply use your trusty OPI gel nail polish kit to do the job and you will have perfect nails as if you always had them. One important tip is to make sure to use realistic lengths if you choose to put fake nails on. This is also important because if they are too long, you won’t be able to perform even the simplest of tasks. Imagine trying to pick up a coin with really long nails. It could get pretty tricky when you aren’t used to it!